One-to-One Tuition

Is Your Child

  • Reaching his or her full potential?
  • In need of help with a specific subject area?
  • About to sit entrance exams, 11+ or SATS tests?
  • Feeling held back by dyslexia, aspergers, ADHD or other learning difficulties?
  • Lacking in confidence, experiencing school phobia, or bullying?

We can help!

No matter why you are looking into tuition, we can help. Carys, owner of Worcester Learning Zone, began her tutoring career with a desire to provide the kind of tuition that would inspire and enthuse children as independent learners.  Now she has a team of trained and skilled tutors who share that dream.

We use a wide range of tutoring techniques from board games and jigsaw puzzles, to more traditional worksheets, to ensure we meet the needs of every student we work with. Learning isn’t purely about passing exams but should be enjoyable and engaging. We encourage students to try things out, push themselves and even make mistakes so that they can improve and learn. Every student should leave their tutorial feeling they have made progress and had a positive experience.

Free consultation

To ensure that you are able to make a fully informed decision about taking on a tutor, we invite students and parents to come along for a free consultation. This session gives you the chance to ask any questions, visit the learning zone and get to know your tutor. The tutor will be able to find out more about your aims, set targets and assess the needs of the student.

The consultation is completely free and we understand that you might want to go home and consider your options. Of course, if you want to book a first session straight away you are very welcome to!


We offer the following options:

  • Pay for 4 hours of tuition

    £120 (to GCSE) or £140 (A/S or A-level)

    This option allows you to buy sessions in small chunks, so that you can spread the cost.

  • Pay for 9 hours and get your 10th hour free!

    £270 (to GCSE) or £315 (A/S or A-level)

    This option allows you to bulk buy and receive your tenth session for free.

  • Bolt on

    £32 per hour (to GCSE) or £36 per hour (A/S or A-level)

    Bolt on sessions are for students who need a specific number of sessions due to looming  exams. For example, if you have six weeks until an Entrance Exam date, you can buy 4 hours at £120 (to GCSE) then add two ‘Bolt on’ sessions to take you to six.

All tuition costs are payable in advance. We accept cash, card or cheque payments.

Contact us using the contact form, or by calling 01905 780480 between 11am and 7pm to book your consultation.