Info For Schools

At Worcester Learning Zone, we have had a number of pupils eligible for pupil premium referred to us by their schools. This has been for our revision courses as well as one to one tuition. On each occasion, we have had excellent feedback, and both the school and the students have felt it was an effective use of the pupil premium.

We understand that a requirement of the Department for Education, is that all schools provide information on the type of support given to eligible students, and to evidence the improvement in attainment of these pupils. We would be very happy to help provide this information in any way we can. We can offer an assessment for each pupil eligible for the funding at both the beginning and end of our contact with them, to show their academic progress. In addition, we would be very happy to provide your school with monthly progress reports, so you can keep track of what the students are covering in their lessons, and if they are making the expected amount of progress.

As with all of the services we offer, we can be flexible and adapt our approach to best suit your needs, so feel free to discuss with us any methods of monitoring progress you feel could be helpful.

An advantage of pupils eligible for pupil premium coming to Worcester Learning Zone for extra tuition, over having extra sessions at school, is that we have students from a wide variety of backgrounds and for many different reasons. Students won’t feel singled out, as they will be coming at the same time, and receiving the same service as all of our students.

We are, of course, happy to work with any students whether they are funded directly by the school or through pupil premium. Please call 01905 780480 and ask to speak to Carys to discuss your requirements, or email us using the contact form.