Don’t Let Revision Become a Nightmare!

Now that Easter is over, many of our students will be starting to bury themselves amongst books, sticky notes and highlighters in preparation for their upcoming exams. At Worcester Learning Zone, we have just held our first ever revision sessions which were a huge success! We had fantastic feedback from all of the students, who not only enjoyed the day, but felt that it had been a great boost to their confidence and helped them to feel more prepared for their exams.

Most students will feel nervous about exams, but by starting revision early and preparing yourself as much as possible, the amount of stress you feel can be significantly reduced. There are many different revision methods and every student will have a method that works best for them.

If you are struggling to find a method that works well for you, there are many websites and resources available to help. Some of our favourites are:

  • BBC Bitesize website – This website has lots of revision guides with interactive activities, revision videos and practice papers.
  • CGP website – This website has revision guides and games to test your knowledge in English, maths, science and French.

Worcester Learning Zone also have a revision guide of their own with lots of tips and tricks for revision and space to plan your own revision timetable. If you would like a free copy, you can call, email or visit us at our premises in New Street.

The thought of revision can be very daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to start sometimes. If you are stuck on a particular topic or are struggling to find a method of revising that works for you, why not book some one to one tuition with us? We will match you with a tutor we feel can best meet your needs, who can help support you over a number of weeks leading up to your exams, or just for a one off lesson to help get you started. Call us to find out more and to book a free, no obligation consultation.

Alternatively, following the success of our Easter revision sessions, we will be holding more in half term, between 26th May 2014 and 30th May 2014. These sessions will cover exam and revision techniques, as well as going over exam content. The sessions are perfect for students who find it difficult to find motivation to revise by themselves, or would like some more structured revision. Places are limited, so reserve your place soon, either by phone, email, or via our website.

Good luck to all of our students with upcoming exams!