About Worcester Learning Zone

Worcester Learning Zone is Worcester’s only one-to-one tutoring centre. We give your child confidence, enjoyment and success through our top quality one-to-one tuition from our well-equipped learning centre in the heart of Worcester City Centre.

Our Ethos

We believe that confidence and enjoyment are vital for a student to learn. We truly believe that tuition should be enjoyable for all concerned. When learners are happy and confident they are able to take in so much more than if we just push them towards exam results. We focus on positivity, confidence and enjoyment and find that in doing so, our students fulfil their potential and get the results they were aiming for.

One to One Tuition

Our expert tuition is flexible and designed for the individual. During your free consultation, you and your tutor will discuss your aims and anything that is holding your child back. We work with children who have learning difficulties, low confidence, suffered bullying or school phobia, and with those who are bright and want to push themselves. Whatever the reason you look into tutoring, we can help. All of our tutoring is design to build confidence and boost enjoyment.

Our New Mascot

Leonard the Learning Lion

Leonard the Learning Lion just loves to learn and will help you learn too. He knows it’s sometimes really tricky but loves to see what he can do when he tries his hardest.

We offer one to one tuition in a range of subjects including:
  • English

  • Maths

  • Sciences

  • French, Spanish, German

  • Entrance exam and 11+

  • Revision and exam skills

  • English as a foreign language

  • Archaeology

  • History

We may be able to help with other subjects too. Please use the enquiry form to let us know where you need help and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

Meet Our Friendly Team

Carys Thurlby

Owner, Worcester Learning Zone.

Carys is the owner and senior tutor at Worcester Learning Zone. She completed an education degree at Roehampton University and then tried working in publishing for a while. However, she realised that she loved teaching and education and left the publishing world to tutor one-to-one. After gaining a reputation she found herself fully booked and had to start taking on more tutors who would teach in her style – with positivity and building confidence at the heart of every session. Soon it became obvious that Worcester Tutors were in need of a new home, and Worcester Learning Zone was born! When Carys isn’t teaching, she is looking after her three cocker spaniels, one of which is a blind puppy and a regular visitor to the Zone, and spends a lot of time crocheting, knitting, and sewing.

Fun fact: Carys loves musicals and singing and is likely to explain maths using songs!

Kirsty Stockwin

Tutor, Worcester Learning Zone.

I’m Kirsty and I have been a tutor at Worcester Learning Zone for two and a half years. I qualified as a Primary school teacher twenty years ago after gaining a B.A (Hons) degree in English and Drama followed by a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education). Since then I have taught across the Primary age range including students with additional needs, Family learning and adult Literacy and numeracy. I am committed to the teaching of basic skills and I believe in the importance of parental involvement in children’s education and mental well being for all.

Fun fact about me:- In 2013 I graduated from ‘The School for Superheroes’ and last year I became a fully qualified Superhero Coach!

Rebecca  Fraser

Tutor, Worcester Learning Zone.

I have 10 years teaching experience with teenagers and adults and am currently studying for a research Masters degree in literature. I am a qualified secondary English teacher and have experience teaching GCSE English and A level equivalency qualifications in English and literature. I have also taught health and social care (including sociology and psychology) at GCSE and A level equivalent levels. I enjoy working with all ages and abilities but particularly with students who need assistance to overcome confidence issues caused by negative experiences or specific learning needs. I also specialise in teaching study skills and have successfully supported many students through the university application process.

Fun fact: I used to drive a 7 tonne lorry!

Rob Hedge

Tutor, Worcester Learning Zone.

Rob is an archaeologist by profession. He divides his time between peering at stone tools and ancient pots, and teaching people what it all means. He works with everyone from pre-school children to retired researchers, teaching history, archaeology, research skills and techniques, and looking at how our histories shape our current lives and landscapes. He is particularly interested in the lived experience and material culture of everyday life for people in the past, and has taught widely on topics ranging from the Stone Age to the 20th century.

Fun fact: Not content to confine living in the past to his working hours, he loves to ride, drive, and (frequently) repair an array of ‘historic’ bicycles and Land Rovers.

Sally Nall

Tutor, Worcester Learning Zone.

Biology BSc (University of Bath).

I have A-levels in biology, chemistry, English, psychology, religion and philosophy, and AS-level art. My experience is in biology, marketing, and journalism. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar, knitting, and analysing slides for Cancer Research as part of citizen science. I like to cook, because it’s science that you can eat.

Fun fact: my middle name is Blair, after Eric Arthur Blair, who is better known as George Orwell. I was born in 1984, and I have two big brothers, but I think rats are rather sweet.

Steven Britton

Tutor, Worcester Learning Zone.

Steven, is a graduate from the University of Aston Birmingham. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a certificate in Mathematics from the Open University and also has A levels in Maths Physics, Economics and General Studies.  He has lectured part time at Halesowen College in the Black Country and has over 12 years of experience teaching Mathematics up to GCSE level on a ‘one to one’ basis. In 2015 100% of the students that he taught gained grade C or above in Mathematics, some even moved up two grades from their predicted level as a result of his one to one tuition. Steven has presented and authored Maths revision DVDs that have been sold on amazon.co.uk and used all over the world in countries as far off as New Zealand and India. In his spare time Steven enjoys all things Doctor Who related, his favourite Doctor being Sylvester McCoy and his favourite Doctor Who monster is the Cybermen. Aside from the world of time travel and fighting monsters, Steven is passionate about animal welfare, particularly relating to endangered big cat species such as lions, snow leopards and jaguars and loves anything cat related.

The Charity We Support

Worcester Learning Zone is very honoured to support the very worthy charity that is Safe Child Africa. Protecting children in Nigeria and keeping them safe and fighting for their rights.